Franchising in French and European markets!

International development

We bring successful franchisors to French and European markets!

1 / Why develop as a franchise in a European country, including France?

Is your concept already established outside Europe? Or has it reached the necessary maturity to consider rolling out in France and more generally in Europe?

Franchising in France is a rather structured process. It aims at an entrepreneurial development strategy adapted both for project leaders and for companies with extensive know-how. France is an excellent point of entry into the European market.

Through its expertise, Amplitude Réso supports you daily in this process and support, thanks to a team of multidisciplinary experts fully dedicated to franchising projects.

2 / Successfully implementing your concept

We operate according to a proven methodology :

  • Preliminary validation of the opportunity for a brand to develop in France and in Europe, following a first go-between, trade show…
  • An audit to validate your goals in setting up in France and the leading a proactive approach in this purpose (segment, timeline, choice of location, targeting of potential Master franchisees, etc.).
  • A market study to determine the potential of the concept on the French / European market.
  • Definition and implementation of the development strategy: creation of a subsidiary in France or conclusion of contracts directly with local franchisees or with a Master franchisee.
  • Among many contractual formulas available, review of the advantages of its development in Master Franchise. Then Amplitude Réso can be in charge of :
    • Finding and selecting the candidates more likely to become a Master Franchisee. Presentation to the franchisor and follow-up of the negotiation between the parties.
    • Assisting the candidate in seeking funds, for a sufficient financial surface.
    • Helping to draw a coherent development plan, with realistic objectives in openings in regard of the specific local characteristics of the country.
    • Training the Master and his employees in the know-how of the franchisor, after adapting all the existing teaching materials.
  • The Legal formalization of the development strategy and its support: drafting of the master’s contract (know-how transfer, product distribution policy, exclusive supply or procurement, local sourcing share, setting of fees, etc. ); possibly creating a subsidiary in France or drafting of direct franchise contracts between the franchisor and the French franchisees if relevant.
  • Adaptation of the operating manual, defining the know-how of the franchisor, to French and European specificities.
  • Definition and assistance with the implementation (content writing, social networks, press, etc.) of a communication plan to promote the brand in the targeted area.

3 / Defining the best financial and economic analysis of your network’s development accordingly

  • Collaborating with Amplitude Réso helps limiting your financial risks and bases your funding on the development itself (our fees can be included in the amount of the entry fee to be paid by the Master Franchisee).
  • A feasibility package for a variable amount following your specific aims, is the responsibility of the Franchisor, particularly to cover costs and validate the motivation as well as the degree of involvement of the franchisor in the development project in France.
  • Therefore, we assume a large part of the risk since the main part of its remuneration only occurs after the candidate for the Master franchise has signed in. The risk is therefore measured and allows a flexible search for the candidate for the Master being the most relevant to the specifications.
  • A preliminary estimation is of course validated upstream before starting the due diligence.